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Tutorial: The Basics

October 9, 2011

Here’s a quick run-down on the basics of how you play Sword Girls!

In Sword Girls, you create a deck of 30 Cards. These consist of one Character Card, Follower Cards (your fighters), and Spell Cards, standard to any CCG.

These cards can be obtained either by purchasing them in the store (A random card per pack, or a starter deck), or by crafting them using materials you win by completing a Dungeon floor after defeating an AI, or completing a PVP match (with a pity gift even for the loser).

Cards come in four rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, D. Rare. Their rarities will affect both the Card Point value of the card (The sum of Card Points in your deck is how matchmaking is balanced) as well as the material cost of crafting it.

Every Card has four stats (ignoring Deck Limits): Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Size. Attack is the damage you deal to an enemy follower’s Stamina. Defense is removed from the attacking card’s Attack before dealing damage. A 4 Damage attack on a card with 2 Defense would deal 2 Stamina in damage. Size is (roughly) a measure of the power of a card, which limits it in Battle.

Every Card also belongs to one of four factions (ignoring Neutral Faction cards). These are Vita (Public School), Academy, Crux, and Darklore. Each Faction has it’s own style and themes in the artwork, recurring characters, and general play-styles. When you create your Sword Girls account, you’ll choose a starter deck of one of the four Factions, though you’re able to craft and use any Faction’s cards in your Deck(s), though certain cards will be much more viable to decks utilizing one Faction (if usable at all).

In Battles, each turn starts with a coin-flip. The first at the start of the battle decides who’s Character Card effect will take priority over the other in activation, and a coin-flip at the start of each turn decides who makes the first move. You’re allotted 10 Size and 5 Slots (sans the Character Card) to summon onto your field at any given turn. What this means is that you cannot have cards on your field who’s Sizes add up to more than 10 at any given turn, nor can you have more than 5 cards on the field (sans the Character Card).

You spend your turn placing cards face down on the field until you end your turn (or the timer runs out), and that’s when the cards are flipped over and their effects take place. After the coin-flip which decides who’s cards act first, spell cards are given priority, and every time a card activates on one player’s field, it then activates a card on the opponent’s field until all Spells are used and all Followers have attacked. When a Follower card is attacked, it will counter-attack if it isn’t destroyed (separate from that card’s main attack that turn).

When a Follower card is destroyed, the Size of that card is removed from the Character Card of the owner. Alternatively, if a Follower card attacks while the opponent has no Followers left to defend themselves, the Follower card deals damage to the Character Card equal to the Follower card’s Size.

Once a Follower is destroyed or a Spell is used, the card goes to the Grave. Unlike many CCGs in which you only draw one card a turn, in Sword Girls you draw at the start of your turn until you’re holding 5 cards in your hand. Although this leaves little risk of using many cards, it is possible to deplete your deck.

Once a Character Card drops to 0STA, the victor is named! At the end of a PVP game, both players are rewarded with materials (albeit the winner taking a larger share), as well as the opportunity to buy one of three single mystery cash cards at discount prices.

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